Thursday, December 28, 2006

Priests and Politics

This first one doesn't relate to a priest, rather a former bishop (and a hat tip to Rocco Palmo too). It seems a former Paraguayan bishop is about to run for President. Fernando Lugo was appointed bishop of the impoverished northern San Pedro diocese by Pope John Paul II in 1994, but 10 years later he was ordered to retire. There was no official reason.
The Vatican on Tuesday called on a retired Roman Catholic bishop to give up his plans to run for Paraguay's presidency or face canonical sanctions.

But retired Bishop Fernando Lugo said he had already resigned from the priesthood to lead a planned opposition alliance and challenge conservative President Nicanor Duarte of the Colorado Party in elections scheduled for May 2008.

I wonder how long it will be until a priest, or former-priest, has a run here in Australia. Remember this Canadian priest? There is a difference here in that the country is rather secular compared with the South American countries however that may not deter some... without publishing any names...
This second one surrounds the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. (Hat tip Curt Jester) There are reports that he is considering setting up his own state-sponsored church with him as the head bishop. Note that Venezuela is at least 90% Catholic! Father Jonathan Morris wrote this story for Fox News.
Archbishop Hugo Chavez?

Try to imagine Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, dressed up as a bishop — the head bishop — of his own state-sponsored church.

According to media reports coming out of Latin America, President Chavez is considering a proposal that would establish him as the high priest of his own form of evangelical Christianity, convert his cabinet members into bishops of a lower rank, and submit church activities to the civil and military power of his government.

It is still unclear who is behind the proposal. Publicly, it has taken the form of a petition by leaders of “Centro Cristiano de Salvación” (Christian Center of Salvation). The association claims to represent 17,000 evangelical churches and 5,000,000 Venezuelans. Their request is simple: make their denomination the country’s official religion, teach it in all public schools and pay the pastors from government coffers. In turn, they will make Chavez their head bishop and promise to submit absolutely to his authority.
Some call the Venezuelan leader “El Loco,” but if these reports are true, President Chavez deserves more credit. He may be crazy, but he’s not dumb. He promised the world that his recent re-election would launch the second phase of his so-called “Bolivarian Socialist Revolution” and he is now keeping his promise.
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Anonymous said...

Good luck to Fernando Lugo and Chavez!

Anonymous said...

I always knew Chavez was crazy..and off course he's gonna create a new church as every narcisistic should