Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bits of Politics, Catholicism & Christianity

On the front page of The Weekend Australian today was a story on Malcolm Fraser and Santamaria and Santa's role in the dismissial of Gough Whitlam. It read like the Oz had just foudn out the information and it was breaking news! The truth is that the letter was published in a book that was printed last year (2006). The book contains a number of letters to and from Santamaria. I can't remember the name of it but the old mna has a copy. It's not this story by Dennis Shanahan but Dennis' piece is worth a read.

It has also made me think a bit about Malcolm Fraser. In Australia we have a 30-year rule on the release of Government documents. Last year the 30 y
ears found us in 1975 and Gough Whitlam while this years finds us in the government of Malcolm Fraser. Gough suddenly became important again last year and was interviewed on a nearly daily basis on the hot topics of today. I now unfortunately expect this to happen with Malcolm Fraser this year. Oh dear. Both are appalling characters and quiet small 'l' liberal in their values. Fraser in an interview publised on New Years Day refused to say whether he still voted for the Liberal Party. He did state however that he only renewed party membership in support of fellow small 'l' liberal in the ranks. Boy he's a shocker. I think we can only hope that people tire of his rants early this year.

In not unrelated news, Christopher Pearson has a sterling column today titled Rudd needs to learn real Christians are cultural conservatives which follows on from His Eminences column a few weeks ago challenging the ALP of its social progressive policies.

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Indolent's dad said...

I think its called "Your obedient Servant" by Patrick Morgan.
A good read. It fills in a number of significant historical gaps and is an insight into the mind of a truly great Australian.