Saturday, January 13, 2007

Girl banned from wearing Cross at school

From the Daily Mail via The Australian
A BRITISH schoolgirl has been barred from wearing a crucifix necklace in class, the Daily Mail reported today.

Samantha Devine, a 13-year-old Roman Catholic, was told by teachers in Gillingham, south-east England, that it breached health and safety rules, the paper added.

Her family reportedly says it will fight the decision and has accused the school of discriminating against Christians because Sikh and Muslim pupils can wear religious symbols.

The case echoes that of British Airways employee Nadia Eweida, who was suspended in October for failing to remove her necklace or hide it under clothing in accordance with company policy.

The girl has pledged to keep wearing the cross when school restarts next week after the Christmas holiday.

"I am proud of my religion and it is my right to wear a cross around my neck.

"I can't understand why the school thinks a tiny crucifix on a thin silver necklace is a health and safety hazard," she told the Mail.
We hear about these stories so often at the moment. Such a shame especially in 'Christian Europe' as it was once known.


Anonymous said...

Whilst I sympathise, and despise the false god of multi-culturalism which dominates British soicety, we must remember that the rules for this girl's school do not permit them to wear jewellery. Rest assured I am dismayed by discrimination against Christians when other religions are respected, but we must also respect rules.

Anonymous said...

You must be joking. Right? You speak that Christian's shouldn't be discriminated against, yet you speak of the "false god of multiculturalism". So, you have such a narrow view point that you refuse to accept many cutlures and faiths under the same roof? This is narrow and bigoted. Perhaps you would fit in better in Nazi Germany?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Keep religion out of education.

éric said...

keep religion out of education ?? it means just : education at all.

Anonymous said...

It's rather odd that children from these other cultures and religion are never asked to take of their religious symbols for the same reason. It sounds to me as if the Roman Catholic community is being singled out in this case.