Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Ah! I never really have new year's resolutions as I know from the start that they will never work. Maybe I can just make sure I get through what I hope will be my final year of university and that my final year project along with the ACSA conference doesn't drive me into an early grave or for that matter insane! And maybe I should get fit and drink a little less beer.


Capt. said...

Rubbish, beer is good for you, it said so on the front page of the Catholic Herald about two weeks ago.

indolentserver said...

I know beer is good for me and Coopers Pale Ale is even better for you than the rest... just not quiet in the amounts I tend to drink. Though I am claiming that it's not the beer thats made my stomache grow... rather the yiros and pizzas at 2am in the morning before bed!

Miss Monification said...

Yes Aaron, free those arteries!!!!