Saturday, March 10, 2007

Indolent update

As you have noticed I have been away from blogging for sometime. I apologise for leaving opened ended without an explanation. Here is somewhat of an explanation.

I’ve been busy. Very busy. The last time I blogged was about 2 weeks before I finished working full-time at ASC to return to uni after the summer break. They were a tiring 2 weeks as I chased up loose ends, wrote a presentation and handed over my ongoing work to the new graduate. I’m still working once a week on Thursdays but in a different department.

It was also the time when my final year engineering project got cranking. This meant some hours at uni after work, looking at team structures, deliverable deadlines but most importantly at that stage marketing and sponsorship.

The project is the Design & Build of a Hybrid Solar Electric Vehicle (HSEV) to be completed by the end of October. We don’t have a massive uni grant for the project so have to gain our own sponsorship from business. I took on the role of Managing Director of the project which includes 9 Mech Eng & 4 Elec Eng with 3 supervisors. This takes up most of my time at the moment as we arrange sponsorship proposals, a project launch and I prepare presentations for the launch and a special do with Engineers Australia. It’s terribly exciting and the prospects for success should be rewarding.

I’ve also accepted a new position at the university. You may recall that I’m the student member of the University’s governing council, and from that I was invited on to the University’s finance committee for 12 months. It’s an exciting time and should be another useful experience. (Council meeting the other day went for 6 hours though…)

And then of course there is ACSA. Once uni returns for the year we all know it’s time to really get the conference plans cranking, and we are yet to secure any large donations. Speakers are beginning to be locked in and the line-up is looking just about as wished (so far).

So with such a busy year ahead – I stayed in on the Saturday night of Week 1 – I probably won’t be blogging terribly much at all… so please accept my apologies and absence.


jovi said...

Good to know you're still alive Aaron. Just so you know your blog (or lack thereof) was being discussed at a cosy dinner party last night in between the subject of John Howard's letters and a sip of muscat. Hope you feel popular.


ha! Really...?? I'm going to have a guess and suggest the company of Thomas Peregrinus and possibly the author of beezwaxforever??

Popular... ah... too popular for my own good maybe.

Anonymous said...

You're a geek.

Anonymous said...

Personal insults are pathetic, Anon.

Aaron, good luck with all your endeavours this year.

aaron said...

Don't worry lyl... not this time anyway... I think I deserve this one!!

Long running joke with a mate.

Anonymous said...

Good to see people embracing their "geekiness."

Joee Blogs said...

Awwww what a cool Holy Father teddy bear!!! Aawwwww

Indolent's dad said...

(in the voice of the voice-over man from Little Britain)

And so, as life returns to what passes in these parts for normal, we'll look with longing towards the next semester break; when the Indolent One morphs, once again, into a nocturnal creature of indistinct origins and dubious pursuits...