Sunday, August 13, 2006

link for liturgical junkies

Liturgical junkies you'll love this one.

Go to this site here - Luzar Vestments. Make your way through the whole site taking special note of the Second-hand High Mass sets, the copes, and the new and old thuribles (here and here respectively).


Fr Tim Finigan said...

Richard Luzar is excellent. He has somehow got a reputation for being expensive. Perhaps this is because he charges a reasonable price for things that he has taken the time and trouble to restore.

I have bought High Mass sets for my parish in Green, Red, Purple and White (complete with cope and tabernacle veil). I also bought a 5 piece Roman Low Mass set in white. It is really well made and he only charged 395 ukp which is less than the regular suppliers charge for a polyester horse blanket with meaningless squiggles on.

aaron said...

As a friend of mine says, 'vestments without a single natural fibre in them'...