Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Touching post Praying for Bread from Whispers in the Loggia.

From my new friend
The hermeneutic of continuity by Fr Tim Finigan. But I can't work out what's unusual about the missale.

And one for the the guys and gals at
Dappled Things (not Fr. Jim's blog). They are a group of students who publish a Catholic literary magazine. I saw their site for the first time late last year when we (ACSA) were trying to do the same thing. We decided on a pdf vesion to start with then went for a html (online one) with edition three back to pdf because of time factors. I would, ultimately, like Sentinel to be both online (html) and printed. Printing requires money and html requires programming skills. If you know anyone (Australian) that would volunteer to work with the editor-in-chief on the webdesign we would greatly appreciate it. At the moment there is not sufficient donations to get professional assistance. It would suit a student with an interest in website design.


Fr Tim Finigan said...

Hi. Sorry about the Missal conundrum. I did say that priests were more likely to notice it. So many missals I have used have been scrawled over in biro to reflect the various changes that were made during the 60s. ALL of the ones I have used before have had the St Joseph invocation scrawled in untidily. The missal was unusual in that this alteration had not been made.

Great blog, by the way.

aaron said...

Yeah. Out of the two missals that are used when I MC regularly, one has it scrawled in pencil and the other has it in the text itself -- seems to be a 1990s print!