Sunday, September 03, 2006

Results: Poll on stem cells

I will assume that only my Australian visitors voted in this poll as it is relevant to them. (Less than 1/3 of my daily number of visitors recorded a vote).

An overwhelming number of you (80%) would take the way your local Member of Parliament votes on therapeutic cloning into account at the next Federal election with 55% definitely not voting for them if they vote ‘yes’ to a relaxation of the current laws.

My local member is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health, Christopher Pyne, who was a great opponent of the 2002 stem cell bill and will no doubt again oppose any change to the status quo. In fact, I expect that the vote on stem cells will go down exactly the same lines here in South Australia as the RU486 bill did back in February – a majority of ALP members in support and a great majority of Liberal MPs against.

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