Monday, November 20, 2006

Done deal

Seems Pro-Multis (for many) is a done deal. See CWN for more information.
Although "for many" is the literal translation of the Latin phrase, the translations currently in use render the phrase as "for all." Equivalent translations (für alle; por todos; per tutti) are in use in several other languages.

Cardinal Francis Arinze (bio - news), the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, has written to the heads of world's episcopal conferences, informing them of the Vatican decision
. For the countries where a change in translation will be required, the cardinal's letter directs the bishops to prepare for the introduction of a new translation of the phrase in approved liturgical texts "in the next one or two years."
So we'll be seeing quite a bit more of this:


Anonymous said...

Now a done deal for all...

LYL said...

Please excuse my ignorance, Aaron, but why do the servers hold the chasuble like that?

Just curious.


One interpretation is they hold up the chasuable so the priest can actually lift his arms up. It comes from a time when chasurables were made from much better and heavier material.

Anonymous said...

I like to think it is somewhat like in the Gospel, when power flows from Our Lord's garment through human touch. Just my reflection.

LYL said...

Yes, I thought to myself that it was done either for some very significant, deep and symbolic reason, or for some very sensible, pragmatic reason.

Indeed, it does look like they are making it easier for the priest to elevate the host.