Saturday, December 16, 2006

My thoughts on Kevin

Kevin Rudd was in Adelaide yesterday and apparently met my sister and grandmother in a shopping centre. Anyway, what are my thoughts on Kevin? (Kevin Rudd is the new Leader of the Opposition (Labor Party) here in Australia). You can recall that I like to call him Kevin ‘I’m a Christian too’ Rudd because he likes to remind everyone that Tony Abbott isn’t the only strong Christian in Federal Parliament. This is true but it’s the manner that Rudd does it that amuses me.

Kevin was raised a Catholic but is now a practicing Anglican along with his wife and children. Mostly he’s a good guy on ethical and moral issues but lacks grounding like many of those that were educated or instructed by Jesuits. One day he is calling himself and old-fashioned Christian Socialist and the next day he is running round saying that the ALP would drop its socialist doctrines.

I think Rudd is truly a centrist but I’m not sure whether he will, in his nerdiness, gain the vote of 50% +1 of voters in 50% +1 of electorates. I don’t think Julia Gillard will help matters either. Now there is a Red if there was one. The way she looks and speaks is not Australian which is another problem Rudd will encounter – his accent isn’t typical Australian.

Let’s hope Howard wins again, this time with a greater number of Catholic/Christian MPs at his side.

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LYL said...

What is a "Christian Socialist?"

As long as they don't try to use the Gospel for political advantage (an odd idea if you consider how many Aussies are not practising Christians) I quite like the fact that many of our pollies are standing up and saying it's fine to have religion in public life etc.

John Anderson was good in that respect too. If only we could get them to come up with policies that are in accord with the social teaching of the Church.